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MIT Professional Education is committed to addressing the global challenges of today’s interconnected economy. Our mission is to share the latest research insights, frameworks, and tools with business professionals around the world through programs that are on-campus, online, or onsite in other countries. Our network of international collaborators is crucial to our success. MIT Professional Education works with a number of organizations to deliver our education to the global community. 

Leading Innovation for Engineers (LIFE)

Leaders can have a huge impact on how organizations adapt to change. It is the type of leadership required to motivate and bring together diverse, multidisciplinary teams that can step up and meet the challenges of a rapidly developing world. From executing in small, dynamic teams to solving organization and industry wide problems, technical leaders of today must know how to bring people together and harness our human strengths along with our technological skills. This program is designed to equip you with the skills and perspectives needed to lead oneself and others in today’s engineering and technology environments. It will challenge you to unleash your innovative strengths, and as long as one is prepared to feel uncomfortable at times - and do it anyway - you will emerge a stronger, more innovative leader.

Collaborator: Seminarium

Date: October 20-24, 2019

Location: Cambridge, MIT

Faculty: David Niño, Sanjay Sarma, Matt Kressy, Tony Eng, Reza Rahaman, Erdin Beshimov, Bhaskar Pant

Language: English

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MIT Technology Leadership Program

The program is designed for technology leaders and experienced practitioners from large corporations as well as startups – innovation-oriented firms who are focused on leveraging emerging digital technologies to remain relevant and competitive in the marketplace. These individuals are highly aspirational and have a keen desire to create new opportunities and shape the future of their organizations and industries by harnessing these transformational technologies.

Collaborator: Northwest

Date: December 16-20, 2019

         February 2020

         May 2020

Location: Cambridge, MIT

Faculty: David Niño

Language: English

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