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Mar 04 - Aug 03, 2024
Live Virtual
Course Length
6 Months
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A steady rise in the application of exponential technologies, primarily artificial intelligence and machine learning, has necessitated a deep understanding of and broad capabilities for driving business growth for business leaders and managers in an evolving global economy. The AI and ML: Leading Business Growth program is a unique opportunity to explore and excel at a global level, with a no-code approach, and the knowledge, tools and best practices needed to drive strategic business growth powered by AI and ML.

Joining the program will allow you to gain a deep understanding of how to leverage, as well as overcome challenges associated with these technologies, to improve your overall business outcome.

Course Overview

Why it Matters

Every aspect of business and every kind of industry is being transformed by AI and ML - whether that might be improving people processes, enhancing manufacturing, elevating customer experiences, creating impactful brands, securing infrastructure or leveraging business data. The demand for senior leaders and managers with a strategic perspective, refined capabilities, and in-depth knowledge is increasing sharply. A fluency in the strategic application of AI and ML is requisite for driving business growth and personal career growth for senior professionals.

There are significant opportunities in the industry:

  • 96% of industry professionals say that they plan to use AI simulations, such as digital twins. (Source: PwC 2022 AI Business Survey)
  • 98% of companies think AI can help overcome labor market challenges. (Source: PwC 2022 AI Business Survey)
  • 82% of leaders said that their employees believe that working with AI technologies will enhance their performance and job satisfaction. (Source: State of AI in the Enterprise Fifth Edition 2022)

With this live virtual program, you will be transformed into a high-performing business leader equipped to create impactful business growth by enhancing efficiency, leading solution selection, improving implementation, and guiding risk management.

This program is delivered in collaboration with Northwest Executive Education.

Learning Outcomes

The program curriculum is uniquely designed to transform high-achieving professionals into strategic leaders with the skills and insights to transform their businesses and industries with the power of AI and ML. The program curriculum focuses on the application of key concepts and frameworks in the context of industry and business to give you a definitive competitive advantage.

You will gain a comprehensive understanding of the systemic aspects and practical application of AI and ML as you dive deeper into six main building blocks to develop transformational AI and ML capabilities.

  1. Creating a strategic vision and roadmap
  2. Transforming data into information
  3. Identifying the right computing and infrastructure frameworks for the context
  4. Applying algorithms – turning information to knowledge
  5. Human-machine teaming – turning the knowledge into insights
  6. Successful deployment – achieving robustness and trustworthiness, and addressing risks
Who Should Attend

The AI and ML: Leading Business Growth program is designed for high-performing business leaders, mid to senior level managers, consultants, and other business professionals. 

Relevant roles include:

  • Business leaders such as chief digital officers, chief technology officers, chief strategy officers responsible for leading digital transformation projects 
  • Domain leaders such as directors of marketing, technology, innovation, or strategy responsible for creating business value by leveraging the power of AI and ML
  • Technical leaders, product directors, infrastructure heads, and solutions architects responsible for leading enterprise IT, infrastructure and product roadmaps
  • Product managers, project managers, and mid-level managers who strive to enhance efficiencies and user experiences with AI and ML driven automation, engagement, and insights 
  • Any senior business professionals, with leadership experience, who aim to lead their organizations’ success with a strategic implementation of AI and ML, driven by a deep understanding of technology, best practices, frameworks, and challenges