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Jul 09, 2024 - Nov 12, 2025
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18 weeks
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Technology is drastically reshaping the business world. And in this world marked by tight competition, organizations are required to innovate and develop at the speed of light to remain ahead – regardless of what industry they belong to, or which countries they operate in.

Our Management of Technology: Roadmapping & Development online program provides an overview of the principles, methods, and management tools for technologically enabled systems and organizations. The beauty of technology is its constant advancement, growth, and evolution. It can never be contained or segmented. The possibilities are limited solely by the intentions behind its use. But, as previously seen in the course Management of Technology: Roadmapping & Development, we can understand and leverage technology to improve almost any aspect of our lives.


Our online bundle program, Management of Technology: Roadmapping & Development, provides an overview of the principles, methods, and management tools for technologically enabled systems and organizations.

This exhilarating environment requires leaders who adapt, learn continuously, and understand that technology is key to taking their organizations to a more competitive, optimized, and connected reality.

During the program, you will walk the path of technology through its history, its different tools and methods, its fundamental limits, and the theory and empirical evidence for technology's evolution over time. All this is supported by a rich set of examples and practical exercises from aerospace and other domains such as transportation, energy, communications, agriculture, and medicine.

By the end of the program, equipped with this knowledge, you’ll be able to lead the implementation of technology in your organization.

What is a Bundle Program?

A Bundle Program is the conjunction of two MIT Professional Education online programs. The goal of these programs is to provide an all-encompassing, more in-depth vision of a specific area of expertise, allowing professionals to partake in an 18-week learning journey to acquire new knowledge and develop new skills.

Learning Outcomes
  • Quantify technological progress over time using relevant figures of merit (FOMs).
  • Develop an intellectual property strategy for their own innovative technologies.
  • Gain a deep understanding of the social, organizational, and fiscal influence on technological progress.
  • Analyze and evaluate technologies in the context of an entire system.
  • Map one or more technologies to a target product and/or service of their choice and set realistic FOM-based targets.
  • Anticipate and prepare for future technological evolution.
  • Shape the R&D strategy and portfolio of an organization based on a set of technology roadmaps and by creating an effective environment for R&D project execution. 
Who Should Attend
  • CTOs, CINOs, and leaders of technological departments or projects
  • Technical professionals
  • CEOs, entrepreneurs, and functional managers
  • Professionals
  • Management of Technology: Roadmapping & Development
  • Management of Technology: Strategy & Portfolio Analysis