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Jul 09, 2024 - Mar 04, 2025
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Champion the current complexities of technology implementation for your organization.

Effective technology implementation requires careful planning, evaluation, and management to ensure that you incorporate the disruptive technologies that will optimize the operations of your organization, aligning with your workforce, product or service, and objectives. By applying data analysis and theory, elaborating technology roadmaps, and examining reskilling and upskilling solutions, business leaders can enhance the decision-making process for new investments and ensure that every aspect of a business is optimized in the process of implementing new tech. 

As these new, disruptive technologies trigger the seismic shifts currently affecting all industries around the globe, organizations are constantly searching to effectively incorporate the latest developments to maximize efficiency and stay competitive. And as technology evolves at an accelerating speed, these momentous changes reiterate the need for decision-makers to make strategic and informed decisions, lead their teams effectively, and leverage all available data to achieve their goals. 


An online Professional Certificate Program to evaluate, incorporate, and manage new technology.

This Professional Certificate Program in Strategic Technology Roadmapping and Innovation is a technical program with an emphasis on strategic technological leadership, team management, data-driven planning, and decision-making.

This all-encompassing program incorporates a wide range of expertise and skills to strategically boost innovation in your organization, including technology forecasting and roadmapping, innovation management, and the use of data analysis to enhance the decision-making process behind tech investment and design. You will discover how these disciplines converge to guide you toward developing more efficient business operations. 

Professional Certificate Program in Strategic Technology Roadmapping and Innovation, with curriculum developed and taught by MIT faculty, is delivered in collaboration with Global Alumni. Contact Global Alumni for more information about this program:

Global Alumni is an ed-tech company that collaborates with institutions to manage enrollments (including all payment services and invoicing), technology, and participant support. 

Learning Outcomes

By more effectively uniting the disciplines of innovation, technology, and workforce management under a single directive, professionals will be able to lead their teams and organizations to successfully select, deploy, and manage technology. Throughout this Professional Certificate Program, you will:

  • Quantify technological progress over time using relevant figures of merit (FOMs), map one or more technologies to a target product and/or service of their choice, and set realistic FOM-based targets
  • Shape the R&D strategy and portfolio of an organization based on a set of technology roadmaps along with the creation of an environment conducive to R&D project execution
  • Leverage both the theory and data analysis-based insights into technological, innovation-related outcomes to improve investment and design choices
  • Establish a clear vision of their strenghts and goals as a leader while contemplating the full range of impacts that leadership can have on innovation
  • Discover how to create, communicate, and solve problems in an innovative way that fosters an environment of creativity and innovation
Who Should Attend

This Professional Certificate Program is designed for those professionals looking to obtain a broader strategic vision of how to effectively evaluate and implement technology in their organizations. This includes:

  • C-suite, including CTOs and CINOs and leaders of technological departments or projects who need to understand the evolution of technology and optimal technology management for their organizations.
  • Technical professionals wishing to discover how the methods and tools of technology management can transform their business operations. 
  • CEOs, entrepreneurs, and functional managers looking to create new business models and/or scale up their current operations.
  • R&D project executives and project managers seeking to understand the benefits and opportunities that technology offers their organization and its digital transformation. 

Learning roadmapping, portfolio analysis, and how to apply data for strategic advantage are what will set you apart and keep you ahead in the technology industry. This program includes various certificates from the following courses:

  • Management of Technology: Roadmapping & Development
  • Management of Technology: Strategy and Portfolio Analysis
  • Digital Platforms: Designing Two-Sided Markets from APIs to Feature Roadmaps
  • Forecasting Technology Innovation: Using Data for Strategic Advantage
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