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Jul 09, 2024 - Jul 08, 2025
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This certificate program provides you with the necessary skills in leading technologies such as the internet of things (IoT) and artificial intelligence while understanding the fundamentals of smart manufacturing and product platforms. The new Professional Certificate Program in Industry 4.0 is designed to prepare professionals to tackle challenges head-on and will provide them with the knowledge and tools to succeed in the digital age. 


Organizations operate in an environment that is technologically and competitively evolving more rapidly than ever before. As such, they continue to redesign their product operations, business models, and customer support solutions. Until now, the industry has sought profitability in standardization, series production, large volumes, and cost reduction. Now, organizations must adjust to this disruptive market by leveraging technology to drive growth and efficiency.

"The design of platforms and product families is aimed at achieving long-term success and survival of companies" - Professor Olivier de Weck, Professor of Aeronautics, Astronautics, and Systems Engineering at MIT

Professional Certificate Program in Industry 4.0, with curriculum developed and taught by MIT faculty, is delivered in collaboration with Global Alumni. Contact Global Alumni for more information about this program:

Global Alumni is an ed-tech company that collaborates with institutions to manage enrollments (including all payment services and invoicing), technology, and participant support. 

Learning Outcomes

In addition to understanding the evolution of the industry from craft manufacturing to mass customization and learning leverage platforms for identifying new market and product opportunities to generate revenue growth, you will also: 

  • Identify major contemporary methods and tools for product family and platform design
  • Explore emerging trends in smart manufacturing and visualize production data to better understand key variables and underlying phenomena in a manufacturing environment
  • Delve deeper into machine innovation and machine vision, working through different iterations of a fiber extrusion device (FrED), specifically designed to provide program participants examples of how to optimize machines
  • Carry out advanced data analysis using data sets produced on FrED in a manufacturing setting
  • Apply the theory behind the IOT+ to construct real applications and improve them using smart technologies
  • Learn to quantify technological progress over time using relevant figures of merit (FOMs), and map one or more technologies to a target product and/or service of their choice and set realistic FOM-based targets
  • Develop strategies, cultures, and structures from a leadership perspective that foster creativity and innovation

"Using technology to refine the manufacturing process allows us to offer better products in the market, faster and more economically." - Dr. Brian W. Anthony, Associate Director of MIT.Nano

Who Should Attend

We encourage professionals who want to obtain a broader strategic vision about how methodologies, technologies and tools can transform their operations. Also, those who are interested in understanding how to define modular and scalable product architectures, utilizing standardization, customization, and platform leveraging strategies to maximize cost savings. Specifically, this program is catered to:

  • Plant managers and product managers
  • Product line strategists, platform architects, R&D engineers, and systems engineers in industrial and government contexts
  • Design and manufacturing engineers seeking to learn about data and modeling in a manufacturing environment
  • Data scientists looking to apply their craft to the growing field of smart manufacturing
  • Consultants who want to add value around the latest technology transformations in manufacturing
  • Engineers and technical professionals committed to understanding the benefits of utilizing technology to develop sustainable infrastructure systems to enhance our global quality of life
  • Functional and cross-functional teams are encouraged to attend the program together to acquire in-depth knowledge of the technologies that are shaping the 4th Industrial Revolution

"Leaders learn to find important problems but define them in such a way that allows a team to come together to solve them." - Dr. David Niño, Senior Lecturer at MIT


From leading technologies such as the internet of things (IoT) and artificial intelligence to understanding the fundamentals of smart manufacturing and product platforms, through the Professional Certificate Program in Industry 4.0, we prepare professionals to tackle these challenges head-on and provide them with the knowledge and tools to succeed in the digital age. This program includes various certificates from the following courses:

  • Designing Product Families: From Strategy to Implementation
  • Management of Technology: Roadmapping & Development
  • Smart Manufacturing: Moving From Static to Dynamic Manufacturing Operations
  • Industrial Internet of Things: From Theory to Applications
  • Elective Course
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