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Lead Instructor(s)
Jul 06 - Aug 31, 2022
Course Length
8 Weeks
Course Fee
6.4 CEUs
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As one of the most important drivers of digital transformation, Blockchain has disrupted accepted ways of doing business—and it’s here to stay. In our eight-week Blockchain: Disruptive Technology program, you’ll acquire expert insights into the fundamentals and practical applications of this new technology in order to reach new heights in your business ventures. You will further learn to apply this technology for maximum benefit in digital transformation projects.

Course Overview

THIS COURSE MAY BE TAKEN INDIVIDUALLY OR AS PART OF THE Professional Certificate in Digital Transformation

Blockchain has enjoyed runaway popularity in the technological world in the past few years. A potent force free from geographic and economic barriers, Blockchain has thoroughly disrupted our accepted ways of doing business. And, more importantly, it’s here to stay.

As one of the most important drivers of the digital transformation, Blockchain will undoubtedly have a profound impact on job markets, organizational culture, governments, and corporate strategy.

The “Fourth Generation” of Internet presents an immense new world of possibilities. Blockchain connects decentralized systems in a format that is open source, versatile, and unalterably secure without relying on third parties, so all of us can participate directly in the viral change that is sweeping the business world.

For that reason, MIT Professional Education is proud to announce its new online program Blockchain: Disruptive Technology. This course will teach professionals from diverse sectors about the fundamentals of Blockchain technology and its practical applications. The goal is not only to understand how this technology works, but also to learn how to apply it for maximum benefit in digital transformation projects.

Participant Takeaways

  • Understand the historical, technological, and commercial forces that have led to the emergence of Blockchain.
  • Analyze Blockchain’s impact across industries, and of course, in your own business.
  • Master the fundamentals of Blockchain technology, including distributed ledgers, blocks, chains, encryption, PKIs (public and private key infrastructure), hashing, and consensus mechanisms: proof-of-work (PoW) and proof-of-stake (PoS).
  • Learn about the Blockchain Ethereum network, its many customers, and its potential implementations and applications.
  • Become familiar with the growing range of Blockchain applications, including bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, intelligent contracts, and digital signatures.
  • Study cryptocurrency in-depth, its strengths and weaknesses in the digital 21st century, and how it will revolutionize e-commerce, finance, and even legislation in many countries.
  • Become aware of the deficiencies of previous web platforms with respect to accessibility, monopolies, privacy, censorship, transparency, and integrity, and how Blockchain promises to resolve these issues.
  • Become catalysts for Blockchain technology in their organizations.

Who Should Attend

This program is aimed at all those professionals with a thirst to innovate in their organizations.

  • CTOs, CINOs, and leaders of technological departments or projects who need to understand the new possibilities that Blockchain offers for digital transformation and advancements in technical areas.

  • Technical professionals who want to obtain a broader strategic vision about how Blockchain can transform their business operations.

  • CEOs, entrepreneurs, and functional managers in technical areas or sectors who want to create new business models and scale up their current operations.

  • Any professional who wants to understand the benefits and opportunities that Blockchain offers for digital transformation in their organization.