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Jul 09 - Sep 03, 2024
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8 Weeks
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6.4 CEUs
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The 5th Generation of the Internet represents an increase in the possibilities of its applications. Blockchain connects decentralized systems in a format that is open source, versatile, and unalterably secure without depending on third parties so that everyone can participate directly in the exponential change that is taking place.

THIS COURSE MAY BE TAKEN INDIVIDUALLY OR AS PART OF THE Professional Certificate in Digital Transformation.


This course provides professionals from various sectors with an insight into the fundamentals of blockchain and its practical applications. The objective is not only to understand how this technology works but also to learn what its applications are to obtain the maximum benefit in the developed digital transformation projects.

The Blockchain: Disruptive Technology online course, with curriculum developed and taught by MIT faculty, is delivered in collaboration with Global Alumni.  

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Blockchain has thoroughly disrupted our accepted ways of doing business. And, more importantly, it’s here to stay. As one of the most important drivers of digital transformation, Blockchain will undoubtedly have a profound impact on job markets, organizational culture, governments, and corporate strategy. Here are a few significant takeaways after completing the program:

  • Understand the historical, technological, and commercial reasons that have led to the birth of blockchain. 
  • Analyze the impact of blockchain in all industries and, of course, in your own business environment.
  • Master the fundamentals of blockchain technology, including distributed ledgers, blockchains, encryption, PKIs, hashing, and consensus mechanisms: proof-of-work (pow) and proof-of-stake (pos). 
  • Learn about the blockchain Ethereum network and its potential applications. 
  • Become familiar with the growing range of blockchain applications including Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, smart contracts, and digital signatures. 
  • Learn about cryptocurrencies, their strengths and weaknesses in the digital era, and how they will revolutionize e-commerce, finance and even legislation in many countries. 
  • Become aware of the shortcomings of previous web platforms with respect to accessibility, monopolies, privacy, censorship, transparency and integrity, and how blockchain promises to solve these problems. 
  • Become the driving force behind blockchain technology in your organization.

We have all felt Blockchain’s disruptive impact in the rapid digital transformation of the business world, which is why this program analyzes a well-rounded selection of technical applications, cases, and tools. This program is specifically designed for a wide range of professionals including:

  • CTOs, CInOs, and leaders of departments or technological projects that need to understand the new possibilities that Blockchain offers to digital transformation and advances in technical areas.
  • Technical professionals who want to obtain a broader strategic vision of how Blockchain can transform their business operations.
  • CEOs, entrepreneurs and functional managers in technical areas or sectors who want to create new business models and expand their current operations.
  • Any professional that wants to understand the benefits and opportunities that Blockchain offers for digital transformation in their organization.


I was able to gain a deeper understanding of the underlying technical principles of blockchain, digital currency and the application of blockchain in different industries. I think the knowledge I have learned from this course is of great help to my current work and personal investments.
JIAN TINGTING - Senior Investment Manager, Transpac Capital Ltd
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