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New technologies and technological change are changing the rules of everything: business models, processes, people management, products, production, and services.

It is therefore critical to stay ahead of technology trends and be able to anticipate disruptions, which explains the growing importance of the figure of the Chief Technology Officer across all industries: the person responsible for keeping the company ahead of the technology curve, anticipating technological trends and turning them into a competitive advantage for the organization.

This program is designed to prepare senior managers that want to ascend to the position of Chief Technology Officer.


A Chief Technology Officer must have the adequate knowledge and skills to oversee an organization's technological department. That includes managing the company’s current technology solutions, serving as an outward face of the company, being highly aware of new technologies, and working with other executives on a budget for implementing new solutions and solving problems with technology. 

"The design of platforms and product families is aimed at achieving long-term success and survival of companies."

Prof. Olivier de Weck, Professor of Aeronautics, Astronautics, and Systems Engineering at MIT

Blended Professional Certificate: Chief Technology Officer, with curriculum developed and taught by MIT faculty, is delivered in collaboration with Global Alumni. Contact Global Alumni for more information about this program:

Global Alumni is an ed-tech company that collaborates with institutions to manage enrollments (including all payment services and invoicing), technology, and participant support. 

Learning Outcomes

As a Chief Technology Officer, you will need to gain the knowledge and confidence to lead an organization's technology goals. MIT will provide you with valuable information so that you will learn to: 

  • Find out how to conduct business in a multicultural environment
  • Quantity technology progress over time using relevant figures of merit
  • Map technologies to a product / service and set realistic figures of merit-based targets
  • Shape the R&D strategy and portfolio of an organization based on a set of technology roadmaps and effective R&D execution
  • Comprehend the system dynamics modeling approach to model technical innovation
  • Anticipate and prepare for the technological evolution
  • Understand the globality of data and master the 4 steps for implementing machine learning plans
  • Learn the characteristics of datasets and become familiar with how to use effective statistical tools to identify and clarify data
  • Obtain an overview of the theory and practice of new technologies that lead to digital transformation
  • Develop a vision about how to apply technologies to organizations and to your professional career
Who Should Attend

Leaders of technological departments or projects who need to understand the impact of new technologies and be able to turn technological disruptions into competitive advantages for their organization will benefit most from this program. Further, it is catered specifically to: 

  1. CTOs, CINOs, and leaders of technological departments or projects who need to understand the evolution of technology and the optimal technology management for their organizations.  
  2. Current and aspiring C-suite executives from Digital, IT, Marketing and Strategy responsible for setting up the corporate and product strategy. 
  3. Senior consultants and entrepreneurs that need to understand the role of technology in the company´s growth and portfolio. 
  4. Senior executives looking for innovating and leveraging technology. 

Participants are required to have:

  • Minimum of 10 years of experience
  • At least 3 years of experience managing projects related to technology, innovation or business development. 
  • Fluency in written and spoken English
  • International experience is appreciated

Learning roadmapping, portfolio analysis, and how to apply data for strategic advantage are what will set you apart and help you become a successfull leader in the technology industry. This program includes various certificates from the following courses:

  • Leadership and Innovation 
  • Management of Technology: Roadmapping and Development  
  • Management of Technology: Strategy and Portfolio Analysis  
  • Machine Learning: From Data to Decisions  
  • Cloud & DevOps: Continuous Transformation
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