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Jul 09 - Sep 03, 2024
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8 Weeks
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6.4 CEUs
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Decision-making dictates every organization’s direction and development: Those responsible for making those decisions must be empowered to do so confidently. Machine Learning, is becoming a fundamental tool for making sound decisions by analyzing large quantities of data and events. Its objective is to reduce areas of uncertainty and arbitrariness through automatic learning and efficient data analysis. 

Course Overview

An online course that guides professionals through the basics and the applications of Machine Learning. Participants will receive training in data analysis and comprehension, preparing them to fully master reliable, data-informed decision-making in their organizations.

Machine Learning: From Data to Decisions, with curriculum developed and taught by MIT faculty, is delivered in collaboration with Global Alumni. Contact Global Alumni for more information about this program:

Global Alumni is an ed-tech company that collaborates with institutions to manage enrollments (including all payment services and invoicing), technology, and participant support. 

Learning Outcomes

Professionals will be guided through the fundamentals and applications of Machine Learning. They will be trained to analyze and understand the data in their organization, helping them make decisions based on data. Some learning outcomes include: 

  • Data comprehension
  • Predictions through supervised learning and data classification
  • Effective decision-making by eliminating uncertainty and arbitrariness through data analysis
  • Causal Inference


I firmly believe that applying a Machine Learning strategy in organizations is something very necessary in the present, as it allows us to make decisions in an optimized way, and therefore reduces possible strategy errors. Technology and data access give us an opportunity to be able to do this, so we should take maximum advantage of it. This program has assisted me in discovering Machine Learning, understanding data, exploring decision making, and evaluating its effectiveness, knowledge which I will apply in my professional development.
SONSOLES CATALÁ - Digital Marketing & Communications Specialist, Grupo Municipal Popular
Who Should Attend

A wide range of professionals may benefit from this program, including: 

  • CEOs, managers, and other executives in various industries who lead teams with technical responsibilities. 
  • Technical professionals that work with large amounts of data and want to take advantage of Machine Learning to improve decision-making processes.
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