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Jul 09 - Aug 13, 2024
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5 Weeks
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Our Cultural Awareness for Global Business course is designed to help professionals thrive and operate effectively in culturally diverse teams. During the five-week course, you’ll learn to solve problems and avoid inadvertent yet counterproductive misunderstandings when working with people from different cultural backgrounds. You’ll also improve your intercultural and global leadership skills—and enhance your ability to succeed in today’s globalized business world.

THIS COURSE MAY BE TAKEN INDIVIDUALLY OR AS PART OF THE Professional Certificate in Digital Transformation.


"To operate in intercultural environments, it is necessary to recognize, accept and appreciate differences to other communities. Professionals who are trained in cultural awareness will have a critical ability and view of business that will lead them to success in any negotiation." - Bhaskar Pant, Executive Director of MIT Professional Education

We live in a global and multicultural environment where we may interact with professionals of cultures other than ours, thus the need to adapt both within and outside of your organization in cultural terms.

In this context, cultural awareness and intercultural skills are critical for individual and organizational success; they contribute toward the creation of "global leadership skills" which would benefit an entire company or organization.

To guide you towards success in this multicultural world, MIT Professional Education is offering the Cultural Awareness for Global Business program. This program provides a practical focus for understanding culture’s enormous impact and for learning how to apply cultural awareness to the world in which we live.

We want to equip you with the necessary tools to improve your business, your professional work, and your intercultural interactions. You will be trained to solve problems and minimize conflicts with the goal of taking advantage of diversity and inclusion to make your company more competitive. This program will help you develop within a context of cultural diversity and to operate effectively in your business, beyond cultures and borders.

Cultural Awareness for Global Business, with curriculum developed and taught by MIT faculty, is delivered in collaboration with Global Alumni. Contact Global Alumni for more information about this program:

Global Alumni is an ed-tech company that collaborates with institutions to manage enrollments (including all payment services and invoicing), technology, and participant support. 

Learning Outcomes

This online course is designed to develop participants’ skills of cultural awareness, focusing on intercultural communication and cultural diversity in a business environment. Throughout this course, participants will be able to: 

  • Learn about the concept of culture and its relationship to language and communication. 
  • See why and how the cultures in our professional environments differ from each other. 
  • Discover how and why cultural differences impact the global economy. 
  • Find out how to successfully conduct business in a multicultural setting. 
  • Learn to avoid common communication problems that are caused by culturally-shaped differences in expected etiquette and non-verbal communication practices.  
Who Should Attend

Cultural Awareness in Global Business is a multidisciplinary online program that is relevant across industries and sectors, as well as to professionals in a wide variety of positions and in companies of many sizes. A wide range of professionals may benefit from this program, including: 

Any professional looking to develop their abilities to perform satisfactorily in cross-cultural environments, especially international business environments. 

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