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Course is closed
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Surveys can provide insights that have the power to transform your organization. But do you know how to create a survey that’s truly impactful? In this three-day master class, you’ll gain the tools and skills you need to design and analyze surveys that capture client, consumer, and employee perspectives—and help optimize your business strategy. 


Course Overview

Surveys are a powerful way for companies to communicate with their clients and staff—and gain actionable insights into the efficacy of their operations. But not all surveys are created equal. Some ask questions that lead to biased results, while others are too narrow in scope. However, these flaws are rarely evident to an untrained eye. That’s why MIT Professional Education is pleased to offer a new masterclass in survey design—Effective Communication through Surveys and Market Research.

In this dynamic program, featuring lectures and interactive workshops, you’ll master the skills you need to spot flawed market research and create truly effective surveys—surveys that deliver actionable insights into how your clients, potential customers, and workforce really think and act. It’s time to elevate your decision-making with data-driven confidence.

Learning Outcomes
  • Master the skills you need to design and implement effective surveys that yield actionable insights
  • Learn how to discern between reliable and biased survey results
  • Explore the psychology of how people answer survey questions and make decisions 
  • Discover how to ensure accurate representation of measured data
  • Understand how to proficiently communicate survey results 
  • Become a highly knowledgeable evaluator of polls, surveys, and market research

Program Outline

Day 1

  • Session 1: Introduction and Overview: Survey of participants to assess their interests and goals for the course

  • Session 2: The Use of Surveys in Professional and Government Settings

  • Session 3: Understanding Your Respondents: The Psychology of How People Answer Survey Questions

  • Session 4: Designing Good Surveys I: How to Ask Questions That Measure What You Want Them To

Day 2

  • Session 1: Designing Good Surveys II: How to Avoid Common Mistakes

  • Session 2: Survey Sampling Basics: How Do You Decide Whom to Interview?

  • Session 3: Implementing Surveys: How to Field Quality Surveys and How to Spot Flawed Market Research

  • Session 4: Application: Measuring and Understanding Misinformation

Day 3

  • Session 1: Programming Internet Surveys I: A Hands-On Workshop

  • Session 2: Programming Internet Surveys II: Programming and Testing Small Group Surveys

  • Session 3: Presenting Survey Results: How to Communicate Survey Research in a Clear and Effective Way and Avoid Common Mistakes

  • Session 4: Wrap-up and Conclusions

Who Should Attend

This course is designed for participants who have a bachelor’s degree (at a minimum). As an introductory course, it is designed primarily for individuals with little or no experience in evaluating the quality of surveys. The professionals who will benefit most from the program include:

  • Executives and managers who need to develop surveys and analyze the data to help inform product development and strategy
  • Customer service and sales professionals using surveys to gauge client satisfaction and uncover enhancement opportunities
  • Any individual who is interested in designing more effective questionnaires, selecting appropriate target audiences, and analyzing the results
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