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We offer professionals the opportunity to attend regular, MIT academic courses via the Advanced Study Program and/or industry-focused, Short Programs to help build the skills and knowledge they need to reach their professional goals. Our Custom Programs deliver tailor-made curricula for corporate clients.

Our Digital Plus Programs, blend cutting-edge content with the best of online technology and traditional classroom instruction to enable better learning outcomes while promoting engagement and collaboration.

Our International Programs address locally relevant world challenges, and are delivered in select locations across the globe for the benefit of professionals who cannot easily come to the MIT campus. 

What's New

Once a year, the MIT Edgerton Center opens their doors to teach the public about how these incredible cameras can reveal incredible things. Watch the video here.

Professor Charles Leiserson and Professional Education Director Lily Fu discuss the advantages of leadership and management training in a lab. Read more here.

Professor Markus Buehler discusses how AI and 3D Printing are changing the world of materials design. Read the full article.

Dr. David Nino discusses how the mechanical shark in "Jaws" teaches us about Leadership and Innovation. Read the article here.

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