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Apr 23 - Jun 18, 2024
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The skills of an effective leader are changing in today’s new reality. Organizations are undergoing rapid advancements due to globalization, immigration, technological change, knowledge revelations, and the climate crisis. It is now more necessary than ever to hone your leadership skills and understand how to foster a culture of positive motivation and have a holistic approach to understanding systemic change to retain a competitive edge.

Transformational leadership is about changing together in a unified way. It’s about defining who you are as an organization, exploring new frontiers, charting clear and compelling new directions, and unlocking the human expertise and energy needed to achieve organizational renewal. Transformational change is, by definition, positive and holistic in nature, and in this course you will learn how to lead it and empower it in others.

Become a trailblazer in your organization, industry, and the world with Transformational Leadership, a course based on research and literature on the latest leadership theories.


Transformational Leadership offers an encompassing, 360-degree perspective on five instrumental leadership roles that help foster an environment of creativity in your organization. This course offers a paradigm shift in all aspects of leadership to elevate your skills and knowledge of the essence of leadership and management.

Learning Outcomes

Throughout  the course, you will develop a deep understanding of transformational leadership abilities through the following roles: 

  • The Strategist: Knowing and acting on changes in the environment 
  • The Explorer: Searching and selecting innovation opportunities 
  • The Architect: Convening and aligning people to develop creative change 
  • The Coach: Facilitating learning and development 
  • The Champion: Building and sustaining support for change and innovation 
Who Should Attend

The course is directed to:

  • Professionals with an interest in innovation, determined to create an impact on innovation processes in their organizations and drive success 
  • CEOs and other managers of companies undergoing transformation processes for which innovation is central to success 
  • Innovative Entrepreneurs of tech startups with innovative aspirations 
  • Technical experts already with a high level of responsibility with a strong interest in leadership positions 
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