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Jul 09 - Sep 03, 2024
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9 Weeks
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7.2 CEUs
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Amidst rapid technological advancements, the internet of things is transforming the way we live and work. In our nine-week Industrial Internet of Things: From Theory to Applications course, you’ll explore real-life case studies and the latest research in order to deepen your understanding of the digital tools that are enabling a new generation of sensors—including fundamental sensing, computing, and communication software technologies.

Course Overview

The Internet of Things (IoT) is changing the way we live and work to an unprecedented degree. This technology allows anything from sensory devices to household appliances to be connected through the internet and interact without human intervention.

Through this program, MIT Professional Education gives professionals access to the notion of technology that is going Internet of Things (IoT): IoT+. With this purpose, they will be able to acquire knowledge that goes beyond the own margins of IoT and machine learning, and consequently, apply it in their professional activities.

Participants will travel through the basic concepts of IoT, gaining knowledge previously unthinkable about the relationships between the real and the artificial world, and will study the main technologies of detection software, computing and communication, central to the recent stream of IoT+ practices.

“Using technology to refine the manufacturing process allows us to offer better products in the market, faster and more economically”

- Dr. Brian W. Anthony, Associate Director of MIT.nano

Industrial Internet of Things: From Theory to Applications, with curriculum developed and taught by MIT faculty, is delivered in collaboration with Global Alumni. Contact Global Alumni for more information about this program:

Global Alumni is an ed-tech company that collaborates with institutions to manage enrollments (including all payment services and invoicing), technology, and participant support. 

Learning Outcomes

Today’s exhilarating conditions require leaders who adapt, learn continuously, and understand that technology is the key to taking their organizations to a more beneficial, optimized, and connected level.  Here are some of the takeaways you will obtain after completing the course: 

  • Design and assemble integrated and IoT+ systems and sensors, where hardware and software interact. 
  • Design IOT+ products using all the potential of the hardware and software. 
  • Understand how to solve data science problems using modern machine learning techniques. 
  • Construct solutions for industry (transport, health, agriculture, etc.) thanks to IoT+. 
  • Build complete systems that include hardware and software and be exposed to modern and exciting hardware prototyping platforms. 
  • Master the use of sensors, detection technologies and integrated systems in the context of IoT+. 
  • Use the technology behind IOT+ to develop real applications and improve them through smart technologies.
Who Should Attend

This course is for those who wish to become certified professionals in the IoT+ sector. Specifically, this course is designed for:

  •  Engineers and engineering managers.
  • Plant managers working in the secondary sector. 
  • Design and manufacturing engineers seeking to gain knowledge about data and modeling in the manufacturing industry. 
  • Data Scientists who want to put their skills into practice in a field that is continually growing. 
  • Consultants whose objective is to add value to the latest technological changes in the manufacturing process.


The course was very interesting, with a lot of useful content in our professional journey. The professor and the facilitator were very smart and dedicated to teach us on every content. I'm excited to dedicate a good time to apply the wonderful knowledge I got from this course.
JUCELENO LOPES SOUZA - Packaging Handling - Layout Consultant, Intralox, LLC
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