MIT Professional Education addresses corporate education needs and strategic goals through educational programs relevant to your region. The staff works with your leadership to help define needs and then coordinate with MIT faculty to design a targeted, needs-based learning experience.

These specialized courses can be 2-5 days and held at your company site, or at an off-site location in your region. Our International Programs apply research insights to your organization’s and country’s real-world challenges while developing productive new networks among employees.

Courses can be selected from our course catalog. These courses are frequently offered to provide a large group or department a solid foundation in a strategic science or technology area. If you have been thinking about an International Program for your regional group of 30 or more, contact the office for more information.

Time: Two-to-Five Days
Delivery: Classroom teaching by MIT faculty

If you're interested in learning what MIT Professional Education can do for your organization, please inquire here.

International Program Collaborators

Northwest Executive Education
Northwest Executive Education

Northwest Executive Education works with MIT Professional Education to develop transformational innovation and technology programs for a global audience.

CIC Tokyo Logo
CIC Tokyo

CIC Tokyo is supporting innovators to build and strengthen a local innovation ecosystem that Japan has never seen before. CIC Tokyo works with MIT Professional Education to bring Sustainability, Infrastructure, and Innovation Program to the innovators in Japan.