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Lead Instructor(s)
Jul 06 - Aug 31, 2022
Course Length
6 Weeks
Course Fee
3.6 CEUs
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There’s a digital revolution underway. To stay ahead, today’s leaders need a thorough understanding of the rapid—and sometimes radical—developments that are shaping this transformation. In this 6-week program, you’ll learn about the five biggest technologies that are shifting the economic landscape—blockchain, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, Internet of Things, and cybersecurity—and acquire the strategies you need to respond to the latest developments.  

Course Overview

A digital revolution is currently underway. Technology permeates every aspect of our society: communication, education, medicine, transportation, farming, and manufacturing. Cryptocurrencies are disrupting banking systems. Hyperconnectivity—through communication systems, sensors, wearables, and smart devices—has blurred the boundary between the physical and digital worlds.

Professionals who understand the implications of big data, and more importantly how to leverage it, can help their companies connect to customers and stakeholders with efficiency and precision, creating new opportunities and staying ahead of competition. Digital platforms offer fundamental improvements to traditional business models, can transform entire industries, and are key drivers of growth. Web-based enterprises that leverage digital infrastructure can enter markets quickly and move with agility in the new digital economy.

This online program takes you through the fundamentals of digital technologies that are transforming our world today. Led by MIT faculty at the forefront of data science, participants will learn the history and application of the five most transformative technologies: blockchain, artificial intelligence (AI), cloud computing, Internet of Things (IoT), and cybersecurity, in order to stay on top of rapid—and sometimes radical—change, position your organization to take advantage of these new technologies, and track and combat new and sophistical security threats.

Note: This is a very hands-on program; you will learn by doing and this includes some basic coding.

Learning Outcomes
  • User the MetaMask plugin to conduct transactions with Ether, a cryptocurrency
  • Deploy a simple contract to the Etherium blockchain
  • Create a repository in GitHub, a platform for managing software development
  • Create your own webpage on a custom domain and set up the Cloud server
  • Demonstration of how machine learning algorithms can help make decisions involving incomplete and complex data
  • Discussion of how IoT can be applied to the supply chain
Who Should Attend

Professionals in traditional companies as well as entrepreneurs seeking to harness the opportunities afforded by new technologies will learn about the five biggest drivers of change: Blockchain, Cloud, AI, IoT, and Cybersecurity, instilling confidence to navigate the digital frontier.

Participants come from a wide range of industries and roles:

  • Managing Director, IT Services
  • Project Manager, Telecom.
  • Managing Principal, Consulting
  • Sales Lead, IT Services
  • Sr. Director, Digital Svs.
  • Electrical Engineer
  • Head of Finance, Banking
  • Global Client Lead, Media
  • Operations Manager, IT Services
Program Outline

Module 1: Blockchain Foundations

Module 2: Blockchain Applications

Module 3: Cloud

Module 4: Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Work

Module 5: The Internet of Things

Module 6: Cybersecurity