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Digital Plus Programs is taking corporate education to the next level, propelling organizations to greater success by providing a comprehensive, highly-personalized tool that not only increases the effectiveness of corporate training – but also helps close critical skills gaps, build creative cultures and ultimately strengthens competitive positioning.

Digital Transformation: From AI and IoT to Cloud, Blockchain, and Cybersecurity

A digital revolution is currently underway. Technology permeates every aspect of our society: communication, education, medicine, transportation, farming, and manufacturing. Cryptocurrencies are disrupting banking systems. Hyperconnectivity— through communication systems, sensors, wearables, and smart devices—has blurred the boundary between the physical and digital worlds.

Professionals who understand the implications of big data, and more importantly how to leverage it, can help their companies connect to customers and stakeholders with efficiency and precision, creating new opportunities and staying ahead of competition. Digital platforms offer fundamental improvements to traditional business models, can transform entire industries, and are key drivers of growth. Web-based enterprises that leverage digital infrastructure can enter markets quickly and move with agility in the new digital economy.

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Leadership & Innovation 

Innovation transforms the world. Leaders in innovation are often the same individuals who become major players in global transformation. At MIT, innovation is our driving force and we make it our business to train the leaders of the new digital economy.

Innovation is built on three pillars: inspiration, creativity and motivation. The end goal of this program is for participants to have a firm grasp of all three concepts. Moreover, they will be equipped to use this knowledge to take their own leadership skills to the next level. This is a results-driven program with a very practical approach.

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Machine Learning: From Data to Decisions

Machine learning is having profound effects in many different industries, from financial services to retail to advertising. It is fast becoming a fundamental tool for making better decisions in business—decisions driven by data, not gut feelings or guesswork.

Today, every business has access to reams of data, whether it’s operational data, customer data, third party data, or supplier data. The question for decision makers becomes: How can I use this data to make informed predictions, take action, and evaluate the outcomes for future decision making?

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) is at the forefront of research and practice for this emerging field within data science. Professor Devavrat Shah, who leads the department of Statistics and Data Science at MIT, takes learners on a deep dive into what’s possible with machine learning.

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Smart Manufacturing: Moving from Static to Dynamic Manufacturing Operations

MIT’s Smart Manufacturing program brings together cutting-edge technology like artificial intelligence, Internet of Things (IoT), and data analytics to understand the current transformation of the energy and manufacturing sectors.

After the program, you will be able to understand what smart manufacturing is and become familiar with technologies that enable smart manufacturing in order to champion the implementation in your work setting. You’ll become familiar with a range of tools and methods for analysis, design, and operation of Smart Manufacturing systems.

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