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May 2022 (TBD)
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5 weeks/2 sessions per week
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In today’s world, organizations must be prepared to defend against cyber threats. To best protect their enterprises, decision-makers must be familiar with cybersecurity's basic principles and best practices. In this course, leading experts share strategies that are protecting organizations across industries -- and offer insights into where cybersecurity could be headed next.

Program Overview

Sessions will explore information security, ethical and legal practices, and cyber vulnerabilities defenses. Participants will also acquire best practices for incident response and analysis. The course curriculum focuses on ensuring the privacy, reliability, and integrity of information systems.

As cybersecurity is a very large subject, this course covers the fundamentals of today's most pressing cybersecurity topics only. Designed to provide an overview of different cybersecurity approaches, this course will deepen participants' understanding of a broad range of topics.

This program is delivered in collaboration with the American Education Board.

Participant Takeaways

  • Learn how to secure clean and corrupted systems, protect personal data, secure simple computer networks, and practice safe Internet usage
  • Understand key terms and concepts in cyberlaw, intellectual property and cybercrimes, trademarks, and domain theft
  • Determine computer technologies, digital evidence collection, and evidentiary reporting in a forensic acquisition
  • Incorporate approaches to secure networks, firewalls, intrusion detection systems, and intrusion prevention systems
  • Examine secure software construction practices
  • Understand principles of web security
  • Incorporate best practices for incident analysis and response
  • Adopt risk management strategies

Participants will receive a certificate of completion from MIT Professional Education upon successful completion of the program.

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Who Should Attend

This program is designed for professionals and individuals seeking to explore the topics of cybersecurity, learn more about cyber defense systems, and become more confident professionals in this sector. While individuals with a computing background may be better prepared for more technical topics, an engineering or computing background is not required to benefit from this course.


    Laptops (2009 or newer) --not tablets-- with a modern operating system for which you have administrator privileges are required.

    Program Outline

    The program consists of 10 sessions over a period of 5 weeks (with 2 sessions per week). Each session is 90 minutes long, running between 9:00 - 10:30 am EST. Please note that the exact nature and order of the topics are subject to change.

    Session #



    Introduction to cybersecurity, course logistics, and course project


    The Internet and Basics of Networks: layer model, addresses and message protocols, network management


    Social Engineering: defending against threats in cyberspace, guidance and situational awareness of cybersecurity 


    Cryptography Basics: identity, authentication, and authorization, encryption, signatures, and Kerberos example 


    Threat Modeling: basic principles and practices of cybersecurity, state of practice, best practices, and emerging patterns


    World Wide Web: browser traffic, IoT, and mobile computing


    Blockchain Fundamentals: blockchain technologies, basic principles and best practices of blockchain, and leveraging technology in the enterprise


    Rise of the FANGS and the VUCA World:  Ukraine Attack, NSA, and Snowden


    DevSecOps, Leadership and Organization Transformation:  people and processes, recruiting,  and incentivization strategy & rewards 


    Course summary: project presentation, and certificate ceremony


    Alumni Benefits

    After completing this course, participants will become alumni of MIT Professional Education and receive associated benefits as follows:

    • Exclusive discounts on select MIT PE courses
    • Access to the exclusive MIT Professional Education alumni group on LinkedIn
    • Networking opportunities with other individuals from around the globe working in a variety of industries and who are interested in innovation, technology, data science, entrepreneurship, science, and engineering, among others
    • Subscription to the MIT Professional Education newsletter
    • Membership to the MIT Professional Education alumni mailing list and advance notice regarding upcoming courses, programs, and events
    • Invitations to the above privileges upon successful completion of the course

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