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Lead Instructor(s)
Nov 12 - 13, 2022
Registration Deadline
CIC Tokyo, Japan
Course Length
2 days
Course is closed

Technology is drastically reshaping the business world. And in this world marked by tight competition, organizations are required to innovate and develop at the speed of light to remain ahead.

This course provides an overview of Technology Roadmapping through the review of key concepts, case studies, and interactive exercises. 

The course is a part of the 3-course Sustainability, Infrastructure, and Innovation Program. The program is delivered in collaboration with CIC Tokyo

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Technology roadmapping is a core function in technology management aimed at optimizing the R&D portfolio of advanced organizations by mapping future product and service strategy against the existing knowledge, capabilities and intellectual property (IP) portfolio of the firm. The framework presented in this class, the Advanced Technology Roadmap Architecture (ATRA), was implemented on a $1 billion class R&D portfolio at Airbus, which has since ascended to become the number one manufacturer of civil aircraft in the world.

Learning Outcomes
  • Learn to quantify technological progress over time using relevant figures of merit (FOMs).
  • Perform a search for technologies using a systematic scouting approach and comprehensive intellectual property (IP) search.
  • Learn to map one or more technologies to a target product and/or service of your choice and set realistic FOM-based targets.
  • Understand how to quantify the financial and societal value of a technology in its context.
  • You will be ready to shape the R&D Strategy and portfolio of an organization based on a set of technology roadmaps and by creating an effective environment for R&D project execution.
Who Should Attend

This program is aimed at all those professionals with a thirst to learn the most beneficial ways to implement technology in their organizations:

  • CTOs, CINOs, and leaders of technological departments or projects who need to understand the evolution of technology and the optimal technology management for their organizations.
  • Technical professionals who want to obtain a broader strategic vision about how methods and tools of technology management can transform their business operations.
  • CEOs, entrepreneurs, and functional managers in technical areas or sectors who want to create new business models and scale up their current operations.
  • Any professional who wants to understand the benefits and opportunities that technology offers for digital transformation in their organization.
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