MIT Professional Education Fosters Global Learning with Dynamic New Digital Learning Offerings

Uniquely designed courses and multilingual professional certificate programs ensure high-value and effective learning experiences in the post-COVID-19 era


MIT Professional Education is breaking down barriers to global learning with the launch of several new highly market-relevant digital learning offerings.

“Our world today presents big learning needs and challenges. We believe many of these challenges can be addressed by leveraging the reach and power of online and remote learning. We’re bringing education to places where people want and need it most; where it can spur innovation and inspire individuals and organizations to conceive and implement innovative solutions,” said Bhaskar Pant, Executive Director of MIT Professional Education.

The continuously expanding portfolio of digital learning offerings now includes three new online courses and two professional certificate programs offered in multiple languages. The additions represent an evolution in digital learning as they are designed using the most advanced digital learning technology including interactive learning, which enables MIT faculty and instructors to deliver personalized learning experiences with measurable and meaningful outcomes.

“Our digital world breaks down the barriers of language and the physical world, and opens unprecedented opportunities to adapt content to each student’s unique learning style and preferences. We meet students where they are located by delivering programs to them that follow inclusive pedagogical methodologies, creating learning environments that encourage creative thinking, shared knowledge exchanges and collaboration opportunities. That approach empowers learners to take the lessons learned back to their organizations and societies, and impact their world for the better,” said Clara Piloto, Director of Global Programs and Digital Plus Programs at MIT Professional Education.

MIT Professional Education’s next generation digital learning environments encourage creative thinking, shared knowledge exchanges and collaboration. Participants work one-on-one with industry-experienced course learning facilitators who speak their native language and serve as individual mentors. In addition, participants have the opportunity to learn from their peers with similar and/or diverse backgrounds in other parts of the world.

“Global networking is without a doubt one of the many program benefits our participants value most. In fact, a proven program outcome is the creation of communities of learning in which participants continue learning and working together--sometimes even on independent projects,” said Piloto.

Because of the technology, educational methodology and course design, MIT Professional Education’s digital programs receive student satisfaction rates close to 90 percent and completion rates above 90 percent--significantly higher relative to other institutions and industry averages.

The new offerings for Fall 2020 include:

  • Professional Certificate in Digital Transformation - combines technical skills, such as understanding and managing artificial intelligence (AI), the Internet of Things (IoT), cloud computing, DevOps, and blockchain – with human skills, such as leadership, innovation and cultural awareness. Offered in English, Spanish and Portuguese.
  • Professional Certificate Program in Legal Tech in the Digital Era - covers six areas essential for global law professionals to have knowledge of: Legal Tech, Legal Marketing, Key Account Management, Leadership & Innovation, Digital Transformation, and Cloud & DevOps. Designed in collaboration with Esade Business & Law School in Europe. Offered in English and Spanish.
  • Cultural Awareness for Global Business - provides a solid foundation of cultural knowledge to build global, intercultural leadership skills to navigate successfully and foster individual and organizational innovation success in multicultural business environments.
  • Beyond IoT: Sensory Intelligence & Smart Technology - explores advances in the sciences and technologies of sensors, computation, and communications software technologies at the core of the recent flurry of activity on IoT+.
  • Designing Product Families: From Strategy to Implementation - aimed at decision-makers who need to strategically position their products, services and systems in a rapidly changing and highly competitive business environment.

Registration for all new Fall 2020 courses is now open. For more information or to enroll, visit our course page.

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