Luis Perez Breva - Faculty Image

Luis Perez-Breva

MIT Faculty Director of Innovation Teams Enterprise

Luis Perez-Breva, Ph.D., is an expert in technological innovation, an entrepreneur, and the author of Innovating: A Doer’s Manifesto for Starting from a Hunch, Prototyping Problems, Scaling Up, and Learning to be Productively Wrong (MIT Press, 2017).

Currently, Perez-Breva directs the MIT Innovation Teams (iTeams) Program, MIT’s flagship, hands-on innovation program operated jointly by the Institute’s School of Engineering and the Sloan School of Management. During his tenure, iTeams has shepherded more than 170 MIT technologies to discover a path to impact. Perez-Breva co-led the Innovation Pillar of the MIT Skoltech Initiative and collaborates with MIT’s innovation initiatives in Portugal, Singapore, and Abu Dhabi. He has taught innovating as a skill worldwide to professionals and students from all disciplines and has gotten them started on innovating from any basis: hunches, real-world problems, engineering problem sets, and research breakthroughs.

Perez-Breva is a serial innovator with achievements in emergency cell phone location technologies currently deployed worldwide and a fully automated portfolio allocation and trading system. As an innovator and entrepreneur, he has also worked on genetics and healthcare intelligence, and has developed several non-profit organizations, including building a new university centered around innovation. He has numerous stories to share from his trial-and error adventures to conceive artificial intelligence technologies that tackle real-world problems and drive them to market.

Perez-Breva holds degrees in chemical engineering, physics, business, and artificial intelligence from universities in Spain (Institut Quimic de Sarrià), France (Ecole Normale Supérieure), and the United States (Massachusetts Institute of Technology). In 2011, his career achievements were recognized with the Order of Civil Merit of the Kingdom of Spain.