Darrell Coles

Senior Research Geophysicist, Schlumberger

Darrell Coles obtained his BA in Pure Mathematics from the University of Rochester (1994), and his MSc in Geosystems (1998) and PhD in Geophysics (2008) from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He worked from 2008 to 2010 in Scotland as a research geophysicist in a joint posting between Total Exploration & Production and the GeoSciences School of University of Edinburgh on cutting edge theory and application of the design of industrial seismic experiments and 4D seismic data analysis (leading to an international patent and several peer-reviewed articles).

Since 2010, he has worked as a senior research geophysicist at Schlumberger in Cambridge, MA and Houston, TX. His research efforts have been in optimal experimental design for industrial-scale geoscientific applications, inverse and optimization theory, uncertainty characterization and control, all in the context of seismic data acquisition and analysis. He has obtained several additional patents and written several peer-reviewed publications since joining Schlumberger and is currently branching into commercial software development and data science.