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Jul 08 - 10, 2024
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3 Days
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During times of uncertainty, one thing doesn’t change—your responsibility to provide value to your customers. Learn to build an innovative, resilient organization that can beat the odds amid difficult circumstances. In this three-day course, you’ll acquire the tools and frameworks you need to drive increased revenue for existing products, services, and customers, while simultaneously building new lines of business that position your organization for sustainable growth.


Course Overview

Climate change. COVID-19. Digital transformation. In moments of global disruption, it is more critical than ever to understand how to dramatically boost the value your business provides to consumers. In this course, you’ll acquire proven methodologies for adapting your current product and services strategies to create more robust, resilient models and future-proof your innovation efforts. Going beyond theory, you’ll learn a 5-Level Digital Transformation Framework, 3-Step Experience Centerlining Process, and other actionable approaches, and leave primed to utilize the latest technologies to build better customer experiences and a significantly more innovative organization. 
Led by innovation and design-thinking experts, Breakthrough Innovation: Creating Value in Times of Global Uncertainty features case study discussions, interactive lectures, and hands-on exercises, including an organizational self-assessment that will help you tailor your learning for your unique needs. Working alongside global peers, you will examine the five forces that shape the economic impact of digital technologies, discover how to quantify innovation, and learn how to invest for innovation in the medium- and long-term—including during periods of disruption.

This course was previously titled "Digital Transformation, Value Creation, and Breakthrough Innovation."

Certificate of Completion from MIT Professional Education

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Learning Outcomes
  • Develop robust and resilient business strategies amid global uncertainty and rapid cultural change
  • Leverage the power and potential of digital technologies—in particular, AI/machine learning, IoT, and robotics—to drive business transformation and create value
  • Apply advanced Design-Thinking techniques to create breakthrough innovations
  • Conceive new user experiences in areas where there is no prior solution to leverage
  • Overcome organizational obstacles and gain the traction to drive implementation
  • Build a business that fosters mutually beneficial partnerships to create robust ecosystems, develop new products, and enhance the user experience

Program Outline

This course runs 9:00am-5:00pm EDT each day.

Day One

  • Session 1: The New Strategic Imperative
  • Session 2: How Advanced Technologies, COVID, and Climate Change Impact Strategy
  • Session 3: The Core of Innovation in the Organization
  • Session 4: Quantified Innovation 

Day Two

  • Session 5: Experience Centerlining: Creating-High Value Customer Experiences
  • Session 6: K-Matrix White-Space Innovation
  • Session 7: Organizational Ambidexterity and Acuity
  • Session 8: Finding New Opportunities 

Day Three

  • Session 9: Creating New Combinations & Capturing Value
  • Session 10:  Building a Robust and Resilient Business
  • Session 11: Group Project Workshop
  • Session 12: Closing Session
Who Should Attend
  • Systems engineers who need frameworks for creating system-wide solutions that produce enhanced results.   
  • Product/project managers who want to improve customer experience and create new products and/or services. 
  • Engineering managers who are looking for innovative solutions for organizational challenges.  
  • C-suite members who are responsible for consistently driving value for consumers, regardless of external circumstances.  
  • Entrepreneurs who want to capitalize on disruption and the latest technological advancements. 
  • Technical leaders who need to develop robust organizational ecosystems. 
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 Breakthrough Innovation: Creating Value in Times of Uncertainty