Professional Certificate Programs


Professional Certificate Programs offered by MIT Professional Education – Short Programs formally recognize your development and commitment to advancing your knowledge and skills in a particular field of interest. Designed for busy professionals, the Short Programs courses that make up these professional certificates feature a convenient, accelerated format and are held each summer on MIT’s campus. Groups from the same company and location with five or more registrations in the same year receive a 15 percent discount for all courses in the Certificate Programs. Please contact for details.

Professional Certificate Program in Biotechnology & Life Sciences

The Professional Certificate in Biotechnology & Life Sciences focuses on revisiting and reinforcing the essential fundamentals of biotherapeutics, biochemical systems, and processing, and introducing cutting-edge and emerging technologies in the field. Topics include growth and metabolism, clinical implications of bioprocesses, instability issues, regulatory considerations for biotherapeutics, process design, biochemical processing, and process validation. Whether you want to transform the agricultural industry or engineer a breakthrough pharmaceutical drug, the Professional Certificate in Biotechnology & Life Sciences will give you the tools, strategies, and insights to pursue your goals. 

Professional Certificate Program in Design & Manufacturing

Focused on essential aspects of design, analysis, and manufacturing, the Professional Certificate Program in Design & Manufacturing affords you the skill and insights to transform your processes. Equipped with these targeted strategies, you’ll be well prepared to reduce time to market while adapting the latest materials and technologies. 

Professional Certificate Program in Innovation & Technology

The Professional Certificate in Innovation & Technology focuses on building competitive advantage through innovation and technology. In keeping with MIT’s Institute-wide Innovation Initiative, you’ll acquire timely strategies for developing, managing, and implementing innovation techniques and technologies that create value for your organization.

Awarded upon successful completion of the qualifying Short Programs courses, this certificate equips you with the best practices and actionable knowledge needed to make a powerful impact on your organization’s innovation efforts.

Professional Certificate Program in Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence

The Professional Certificate in Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence focuses on understanding, implementing, and evaluating key elements of machine learning and artificial intelligence currently being used in pioneering companies across the globe. This certificate guides participants through the latest advancements and technical approaches in artificial intelligence technologies such as natural language processing, predictive analytics, deep learning, and algorithmic methods to further your knowledge of this ever-evolving industry.

Professional Certificate Program in Real Estate Finance & Development

The Professional Certificate in Real Estate Finance & Development examines the key factors and investment strategies that are redefining the real estate landscape both in the United States and abroad. Recent global developments, coupled with economic conditions, have demonstrated that it is difficult to understand financial markets and the economy without understanding real estate markets and underwriting real estate risk. The real estate courses that make up the Professional Certificate Program in Real Estate Finance & Development provide training opportunities for large organizations seeking to educate and inspire their most talented employees.