Frequently Asked Questions about International Programs



  • What type of courses can be offered at international locations?

    Courses generally focus on scientific and technical leadership and can include faculty from any of MIT’s five schools. Topics can target a specialized field or combine management and technology. For a full list of potential courses visit MIT Professional Education - Short Programs.

  • Do MIT faculty teach International Programs Courses?

    International Programs are led and taught by MIT faculty. Faculty develop curriculum for each course, drawing on their academic and research experience and engagement with industry.

  • How do you make courses target my organization’s and/or region’s goals?

    MIT Professional Education staff work with leadership to define curricula, then collaborate with MIT faculty to design a specialized learning experience.

  • How long does a course run?

    An International Programs course typically runs 2-5 days.

  • How many people can take an International course?

    International programs are typically offered to groups of 30 or more, but an organization may negotiate maximum class size with the MIT Professional Education office.

  • How much does an international program cost?

    The cost of an international course is determined by factors including the length of the course and the number of participants involved. In general, the daily rate of MIT Professional Education international courses is based upon the duration, complexity, and level of curriculum development required.

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