Zhengzhen Tan Headshot

Zhengzhen Tan

Executive Director, MIT Sustainable Urbanization Lab
Director, China Future City Program
Lecturer, MIT

Zhengzhen Tan’s research and teaching expertise is focused on sustainable urban development, digital innovation, and entrepreneurship. She is the editor of “Towards Urban Vibrancy: Patterns and Practices of Asia’s New Cities” (MIT SA+P Press, 2020), and the author of the digital cities chapter in this book. She was the director of MIT-Tsinghua Future City Innovation, which is MIT’s first entrepreneurship education program with a focus on the urban tech, as well as the Executive Director of the MIT Sustainable Urbanization Lab, which focuses its research on establishing the behavioral foundations for urban and environmental planning and policies aimed at sustainable urbanization. The lab also mobilizes the research and education resources of MIT and fosters inter-disciplinary innovative work on sustainable urbanization. 
Zhengzhen teaches courses in the School of Architecture and Planning and the Sloan School of Management. Before joining MIT, she worked as an urban planner and urban designer with extensive practice in both the public and private sectors in Shanghai, Singapore, London, and Vancouver.