Sang-Gook Kim is a professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering.  He received his B.S. degree from Seoul National University (1978), M.S. from KAIST (1980), and Ph.D. from MIT (1985).  He held positions at Axiomatics Co., Cambridge, MA (1986) and Korea Institute of Science and Technology (1986-1991). Then he became a corporate executive director at Daewoo Corporation, Korea, and directed the Central Research Institute of Daewoo Electronics Co. until 2000 when he joined MIT. He is currently the Micro/Nano Area Head of the Department of Mechanical Engineering at MIT. Prof. Kim’s research has been in the field of product realization throughout his career at both the industry and academia. His recent research includes piezoelectric MEMS energy harvesting, micro ultrasonic transducers and nano-engineered energy conversion for carbon neutrality and solar water splitting systems. He is a fellow of CIRP (International Academy for Production Engineering), fellow of ASME, and overseas member of Korean National Academy of Engineering.