Bruke Kifle - Participating Instructor Image

Bruke Kifle

Computer Scientist and AI Product Manager

Bruke Kifle is a computer scientist and product leader passionate about the intersection of Artificial Intelligence, business, ethics and society. His experiences span academia and industry in research, software engineering and product management. He is a socio-technologist motivated by the ability to improve human conditions in low-resource environments through technical solutions. An innovator and educator, Bruke has founded and scaled new initiatives, teaching programs, and research projects both domestically and internationally in countries including Ethiopia, France, Morocco and South Africa. He has also served as a course assistant for several courses taught at MIT.

Bruke is currently an AI Product Manager at Microsoft. He received his Bachelor’s in Computer Science and Management, and Master’s in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from MIT, where his academic and research interests were broadly in the fields of responsible Artificial Intelligence, algorithms and their applications for social good.