Anna Osherov headshot

Anna Osherov

Assistant Director of User Services, METROLOGY.nano, MIT

Anna Osherov joined MIT.nano as an Assistant Director for User Services for Charactgerization.nano in July 2018. Anna holds a PhD in Material Science and Engineering from Ben-Gurion University of the Negev and has over 15-years of experience in applied research of thin film deposition processes and correlative studies of morphology, microstructure, and physical properties. Anna has wide-ranging expertise in material characterization techniques with an emphasis on electron microscopy imaging, crystallography, spectroscopy, surface science, and microanalysis. Prior to joining MIT.nano, Anna served as a manager of the eni-MIT Solar Frontiers Shared Experimental Facilities which accommodate over 100 users from across the MIT campus and provide a platform for users to pursue research in a multitude of fields including renewable energy, 2D materials, and biotechnology. Anna’s integral role at MIT.nano is enabling successful implementation of research ideas through providing the users with advice for best experimental approaches and guiding them in their implementation.

Current Research: Development of hybrid organic-inorganic perovskites for flexible electronics
Subgroup: Solar Technologies