Effective Problem Solving for Teams

This course is only available for organizations and private cohorts of at least 50 people wishing to drive innovation through problem solving. To learn more and discuss volume enrollments contact us at digitalplus@mit.edu

Businesses today face more problems than they have time to solve. As a result, people admit they tend jump too quickly to solutions. But how can someone competently evaluate a solution without first understanding the nature, source or root causes of the problem? It's a crucial mistake that often interferes with finding creative solutions that truly make an impact on organizations.

Our online MicroCourse: Effective Problem Solving for Teams addresses this problem and explores how to grow your organizations capacity for problem-solvinga critical building block of innovation. Your team will learn how to see problems clearly, prioritize them, define them in actionable ways, and then engage in solving them.

What You'll Learn

  • MIT's unique approach to complex problem solving
  • How to develop a bold and compelling problem statement
  • Techniques that promote creative brainstorming
  • Ways to assess multiple options and choose the best alternative
  • Potential barriers to finding innovative solutions and how to overcome them


MicroCourse Schedule

Delivered over 7 days online for your organization, these are fast, team based learning sprints. The complete experience includes approximately 4 hours of actual peer to peer problem shaping and solving. Modules include:



Houston we have a problem

Developing a compelling problem statement and gaining consensus

Generating creative solutions

Brainstorming multiple alternatives and choosing the right idea

Unpacking the Brainstorm

Implementing and monitoring solutions


What You'll Get


Upon successful completion of the MicroCourse, you will be awarded a Certificate of Completion and CEUs which may be applied toward a professional certification, licensing requirements, or other required training or continuing education hours.


Experience the power of relationship based learning working with others across the globe through a well-designed, intuitive, virtual campus, centered on real-time engagement with your peers.


Meet Your Instructor, Dr. David Niño

David Nino Pic David Niño is a Senior Lecturer in the Bernard M. Gordon-MIT Engineering Leadership Program. He has taught leadership since 1998 at the undergraduate, masters, doctoral and executive/professionals levels. He is currently a founding officer of the Leadership Development Division of the American Society of Engineering Education and consults with professionals and executives in the areas of leadership and team development.


Who Should Attend 

This MicroCourse is designed for organizations across all industries and sectors, particularly those in the technology, engineering and science fields who are facing complex challenges or looking to develop more creative cultures in an effort to drive innovation within their organization. This course is ideal for teams and departments tasked with developing specific solutions and game-changing initiatives.