How to secure the home office: 8 priorities

How to secure the home office: 8 priorities (6/2/2020)

In most ways, the business world is more prepared now than at any point in history to move employees to a work-from-home (WFH) model. Tools like videoconferencing software, cloud collaboration suites, mobile devices, and nearly ubiquitous home WiFi have helped many companies to seamlessly make the switch, nearly overnight.

But at the same time, technology is moving faster than ever, and hackers grow increasingly sophisticated every day. Working at home, employees are not protected by enterprise cybersecurity solutions like firewalls. In effect, many knowledge workers are currently serving as the chief information security officer (CISO) for their own homes.

Attackers know that unprecedented numbers of people are working from home these days, and they’re poised to take advantage of the situation. We’ve already seen an increase in things like fake invoices designed to trick employees into opening malicious attachments, and hackers are even trying to spread malware by setting up dummy websites with the word “COVID” in the URL.

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