Four Challenges Facing AI Leaders

Four Challenges Facing AI Leaders (3/26/2020)

AI teams and solutions are becoming ubiquitous. The sea change is calling for more holistic leadership skills.

Artificial intelligence (AI) solutions are set to upend a wide variety of industries. By mimicking the predictive, classification, data intensive problem-solving capabilities of the human mind, these technologies are poised to dramatically increase the degree of automation across fields including medicine, transportation and manufacturing, where machines can achieve similar tasks more rapidly. Already, we’re seeing early versions of self-driving cars, automated customer service chatbots, robo-investors and even automated tutoring and writing services.

Basically, AI is positioned to soon take over a large number of tasks that have historically been completed by human workers—a fact that has led to considerable concerns about people being displaced from their jobs in the coming years.

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David R. Martinez, co-instructor of the MIT Professional Education Course Engineering Leadership in the Age of AI, is associate head in the Cyber Security and Information Sciences Division at MIT Lincoln Laboratory. His focus is on the strategic and innovative directions of the division in the areas of artificial intelligence for cybersecurity, cyber-resilient systems, Big Data analytics and secure cloud computing.