Open House: Transportation Networks and Smart Mobility - Methods and Solutions

May 21, 2024
12:00 - 1:00 PM EDT
Transportation Networks and Smart Mobility: Methods and Solutions Open House

Intelligent transportation systems (ITS) are integral to solving today’s traffic challenges and improving the lives of those in urban areas. The proliferation of autopilot features, the advent of autonomous vehicles, and other technological advancements in transportation are likely to alter travel choices and driving behavior. ITS and other simulation models can predict transportation supply and demand and smooth congestion.

Transportation Networks and Smart Mobility: Methods and Solutions is a five-day, live virtual course taught by MIT Professor Moshe Ben-Akiva. Participants will learn how to design the transportation systems of the future using traffic simulation and demand models. Plus, learners will explore the future of smart mobility and study the effects of autonomous, electric, and AI-enabled vehicles on transportation systems.

At this virtual open house, you will:

  • Meet Moshe Ben-Akiva, Edmund K. Turner Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering at MIT
  • Explore the learning outcomes, such as how to assess alternative network modeling, understand transportation network demand and supply, and explore the future of smart mobility
  • Envision how this curriculum and the accomplished peers you network with over the five days can inspire new ways of approaching transportation challenges
  • Ask your curriculum questions during a live Q&A session

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