Open House: Professional Certificate Program Biotechnology & Life Sciences

April 05, 2022
Biotech Open house event


As biotechnology accelerates to meet emerging global needs, industry professionals are challenged to stay up-to-date on every aspect of the field, from process to product design. In the Professional Certificate Program in Biotechnology & Life Sciences, you’ll acquire the knowledge you need to get—and stay ahead—in this rapidly evolving industry.

Wondering if the certificate is right for you? Our virtual open house is your chance to: 

  • Connect with the prestigious MIT faculty who lead the program—top educators, researchers, and industry practitioners who are working on the forefront of biotechnology and life sciences
  • Learn about the certificate’s curriculum, activities, and networking opportunities and how they can help you identify and act on new opportunities in your industry
  • Determine how the program can help you transform your career and solve your unique challenges
  • Ask your questions and receive real-time answers from the certificate coordinators and instructors

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