Open House: Effective Communication through Surveys and Market Research

April 30, 2024
12:00 - 1:00 PM EDT
Effective Communication Open House

A well-designed survey can provide leaders with the insights they need to make positive change in their organization or their industry as a whole. The payoff of market research is valuable, yet writing questions without bias, interpreting results accurately, and implementing change based on survey results isn’t easy.

Effective Communication through Surveys and Market Research is a three-day on-campus course led by Professor Adam Berinsky where participants will acquire the skills to design and program their own surveys to glean actionable insights and accurate data.

At this virtual open house, you will:

  • Meet Adam Berinsky, Mitsui Professor of Political Science at MIT
  • Explore the learning outcomes, such as how to program, implement, communicate, and act upon surveys and their results
  • Envision how this course and the accomplished peers you network with during the week can deepen your understanding of surveys and their ability to solve your unique work challenges
  • Ask your questions during a live Q&A session

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