Climate Change and Commercial Real Estate

November 16, 2022
11:00 AM - 12:00 PM EST
Climate Change and Commercial Real Estate 2022

The effects of climate change continue to put increased pressure on commercial real estate markets globally. With fires, floods, hurricanes, extreme heat and drought becoming more common place what can those in the industry do to ensure that commercial real estate investments remain resilient.

The mission of the MIT CRE Climate Change and Real Estate Initiative is to uncover the impacts of climate change on the real estate industry, and identify barriers and opportunities to the sustainable transformation of the industry, that will reduce greenhouse emissions and unlock the societal value of buildings.

Moderator: Juan Palacios | Director, MIT CRE Climate and Real Estate Initiative


  • William Wheaton | Professor Real Estate Economics and Urban Studies, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Kevin Fagan | Senior Director and Head of CRE Economic Analysis, Moody’s Analytics
  • Sean Drygas | Global Lead, ESG & Impact, Colliers

Location: Virtual

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