AI Cures Conference

April 24, 2023
9:00 AM – 3:00 PM EDT
AI Cures Conference

AI has transformed many areas of life in the last decade and yet the impact of these technologies on patient care is still limited. Building on the combined expertise of MIT and MGB in AI and clinical practice, our ultimate goal is to facilitate the translation and adoption of these technologies for improving diagnostics, treatment and long term outcomes for diverse patient populations.

The MIT-MGB AI Cures Conference showcases ongoing collaborative projects in clinical AI, highlighting cutting-edge research and their impact on patient care. Equally important is the process for collecting the data required to train clinical AI algorithms, with a focus on privacy, diversity, and quality.

Finally, they will discuss the translation of technology into hospitals, ranging from regulatory aspects, need for broad validation, and expected changes in clinical workflow. Our sincere hope is that this conference will help foster new MIT-MGB collaborations and inform the public about our collective efforts to improve patient care

Areas of Focus

  • Clinical Translation of AI Tools
  • Fairness and Equity
  • Algorithmic Challenges in Clinical AI
  • Regulatory Issues in Clinical AI
  • Secure Patient Data Access
  • New Opportunities for MIT-MGB collaborations


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