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Jun 01 2024
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1 Day
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Course is closed
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Property technology—or “proptech”—is revolutionizing the global real estate industry. In this high-impact one-day course, you’ll dive into today’s dynamic proptech ecosystem and explore the technologies—from machine learning to data analytics tools—that are transforming the way real estate professionals buy, rent, sell, manage, construct, and design properties.


Course Overview

Hybrid work. Sustainability efforts. Shifting tenant demands. A range of factors are compelling real estate companies to use property technology to increase operational efficiency, make smarter strategic decisions—and gain a deeper understanding of customer preferences. And with more than 18,000 real estate technology companies now operating—and more than $40 billion invested in the sector in the last four years—it’s clear that the proptech revolution is here to stay. Do you have the advanced knowledge you need to keep pace?

In this dynamic one-day course, you’ll explore the breakthrough technology trends that are shaping the future of global real estate, including machine learning, data analytics, and blockchain. You’ll get hands-on with the latest data-driven tools, and learn how to apply them to enhance the way you buy, rent, sell, manage, design, develop, construct, and invest in real estate—now and in the future.

Learning Outcomes
  • Acquire a comprehensive understanding of today’s real estate technology landscape, including the latest investment strategies, innovative startups, and leading companies in the space.
  • Learn how to leverage the latest machine learning and data analytics tools to drive value across your real estate venture, from augmented reality to digital twin and blockchain technologies. 
  • Understand how certain technologies can be used to solve your organization’s most pressing business challenges.
  • Discover how proptech is transforming day-to-day operations for stakeholders across the life cycle of a building. 

Program Outline

Day 1

  • Introduction to Proptech

  • Web 3.0 – Real Estate Reality

  • Artificial Intelligence and Real Estate

  • Future Technologies and Their Impact on the Built Environment

Who Should Attend

This course is designed for participants who have a bachelor's degree (at a minimum) and at least several years of professional experience in the real estate industry. Professionals who will particularly benefit from the curriculum include:

  • Executives or owners of real estate portfolios who are looking to understand how proptech can enhance their business operations 
  • Real estate investors and asset managers eager to optimize their portfolios with the latest analytics platforms
  • Real estate brokers who want to utilize technology to improve sales—and customer satisfaction
  • Data strategy leaders looking to leverage and apply the latest proptech analytics tools
  • Government officials and urban planners interested in how proptech can impact smart city infrastructure and development 
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