International Students Frequently Asked Questions

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I am not a U.S. citizen and need a visa to study in the United States. Can I apply?   
Yes. If you are currently in the U.S. on a work visa, you may be eligible to enroll as a part-time ASP Fellow, depending on your visa's restrictions. If you are outside the US and wish to be sponsored by MIT for a student visa, you are must be accepted as a full time Fellow studying 36 to 48 units of credit for the semester.

When is the application deadline for international applicants?
The application deadlines are the same for all applicants - May 1st for the fall semester and December 1st for the spring.  However, international applicants are strongly encouraged to apply for the fall semester so they have enough time to receive an admissions decision and apply for their US visa. 

What are you English language proficiency requirements?
All non-native English Speakers must provide IELTS (preferred) or TOEFL test scores from within the last two years to demonstrate English language proficiency. Students who have received instruction in English in their primary and secondary schools and students who have been in the United States for four years or longer and have received a degree from an American institution may be eligible for a waiver of the English proficiency exam requirement by sending a written request to the department.

What IELTS/TOEFL score is needed?
Strong candidates will score 7.5 or better on the IELTS, 100 or better on the internet-based TOEFL, or 600 or better on the paper-based TOEFL. Certain academic departments at MIT do not accept TOEFL scores so IELTS results are strongly preferred.

How do I submit test scores?
Beginning May 2018, ASP accepts IELTS results delivered to our Electronic Download account by the IELTS test center only. No paper IELTS Test Report Forms will be accepted. An institution code for IELTS is NOT required. Please contact the test center directly where you took the IELTS test and request that your test scores be sent to the following E-Download account using the IELTS system. All IELTS test centers worldwide are able to send scores electronically to our institution. You must provide the following information to the test center where you took the test when requesting your scores:

MIT Professional Education Advanced Study Program
700 Technology Square
NE48-200 Cambridge, MA 02139

TOEFL scores may be mailed to the address above or attached to your application. The TOEFL reporting code for MIT is 3514. 

How many classes may I take?
International applicants who require a U.S. student visa must register as full time students and must be enrolled in 36 to 48 units of credit. MIT classes are very demanding. First-time Program participants will not be approved for more than 48 units.

Are there many international Fellows?
Yes. Generally about half of the Fellows are international. Recent Fellows came from Korea, Taiwan, the Netherlands, Norway, Argentina, India, France, Pakistan, and the United Arab Emirates.

Is housing included in tuition?
No. Accepted Fellows may apply for on-campus housing for an additional cost, however space is not guaranteed. Most Fellows arrange private housing off-campus.

Is there an interview?
No. Prospective Fellows are welcome to contact the Program before submitting an application if they have questions.

Can I Apply for Optional Practical Training (OPT) Through ASP?
As of writing in February 2018, only students pursuing a degree are eligible to apply for OPT. Special non-degree students -- such as all ASP Fellows -- are not eligible to apply for OPT. Please visit the International Students Office OPT page for the most up-to-date information.