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Oct 04 - Nov 29, 2022
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Course Length
8 Weeks
Course Fee
7 CEUs
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The digital economy is immersed in a rapid evolution which affects every aspect of our lives, and this is only the beginning of an accelerating advancement.

This situation has carried professionals to a position with a lack of answers, which creates difficulties in maintaining updates and leading change in organizations.

Course Overview

The online program Digital Transformation: From AI and IoT to Cloud, Blockchain, and Cybersecurity by MIT Professional Educations analyzes the history of these innovative technologies and prepares participants to successfully and practically take on digital transformation in a professional environment.

Learning Outcomes
  • Mastery of Blockchain Technology and familiarity with intelligent transactions and contracts via Ethereum.
  • Understanding the architecture of the Cloud and deep knowledge of GitHub in order to gain the maximum benefits of your platforms and tools.
  • Put into practice the acquired knowledge to create a WebSocket chat application
  • Participation in the debate regarding potential uses of the Internet of Things (IoT) applied to the business field.
  • Discovery of the long transformative legacy that artificial intelligence is leaving on industry and education.
  • Analysis of access to your private data during web navigation with the knowledge of detection and defense against the main threats against cybersecurity.
Who Should Attend
  • Technical Professionals who want to understand and participate in digital transformation processes in their departments.
  • Managers and others Directors who lead organizations and teams whose responsibilities lie where business and technology intersect.
  • Other technical profiles who are interested in the fundamentals and the potential of these new technologies.
  • All professionals  who want to spearhead new projects and introduce further innovations within their organizations.

There are no prerequisites to complete this program, however it is recommended to have a general understanding of the digital technologies entailed.

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