For MIT Employees

Academically qualified MIT employees may apply to take classes at MIT through the MIT Professional Education Advanced Study Program. Benefits-eligible employees accepted into the program may also have their tuition covered by the Tuition Assistance Plan.

Employees may apply to take classes in any department at the Institute.



Click the image below for an easy-to-follow guide to the ASP application process.




Information about MIT’s Tuition Assistance Plan, and how to apply if accepted into the Advanced Study Program (ASP), can be found here. You must be Tuition Assistance Plan benefits-eligible, remain eligible through the end of the semester, and earn a C- or better in order to receive the Tuition Assistance Plan benefit.

If you drop or withdraw from a class, or do not earn the minimum grade, you are responsible for paying the cost of tuition for your class (costs found here). It is important to understand this stipulation before applying.



  • Educational history (list of schools attended)
  • Official academic transcripts
  • Copy of your CV (résumé)
  • Statement of purpose
  • Letter of recommendation
  • Supervisor approval to enroll in ASP
  • $75 non-refundable application fee for new applicants (may be reimbursable)



  • Sloan (Course 15):  Classes that require Sloan Course Bidding are not available to ASP students. They appear in the Subject Listing with the "You must pre-register and participate in Sloan's Course Bidding to take this subject."

  • Class MAS.863, “How To Make Almost Anything,” is not available to ASP Fellows.

  • Permission of Instructor: The Advanced Study Program will seek approval for classes whose prerequisites include “Permission of Instructor.” ASP applicants should not contact the instructor.

  • Upload or email your required materials as soon as possible, but do not submit your application until the MIT Subject Listing (course catalog) is available for your semester. The fall course catalog is available in late April, and the spring catalog is available in late November. Classes offered in the fall semester are indicated by a leaf symbol; spring classes are indicated by a flower. If you apply for a class that is not officially offered, or for classes whose schedules conflict, your application will not be considered.

  • Electronic transcripts and questions should be directed to Please allow up to five business days from submission of electronic documents for items to appear on your application.

    Paper transcripts should be mailed to:

    MIT Professional Education
    Attn: Advanced Study Program
    238 Main Street, Building E48-401
    Cambridge, MA 02142

  • Future semesters: Students who receive a grade lower than a B- while an ASP Fellow will not be considered for re-admittance to the program. Note that this is different from the Tuition Assistance benefit grade requirement.



Am I eligible to receive MIT’s Tuition Assistance Plan benefit?
MIT employees must check with their HR representative to determine if their position is eligible for the Tuition Assistance Plan.

How much of my tuition will the MIT Tuition Assistance Plan cover?
If your position is Tuition Assistance Plan eligible, your benefit may cover up to 100% of the cost of tuition. Speak with your HR representative to determine what percentage of your tuition will be covered.

What are the requirements for receiving the Tuition Assistance Plan benefit?
In addition to being employed in a position that is Tuition Assistance Plan eligible, you must earn a C- grade or better. Your position and employment status must also remain Tuition Assistance Plan eligible through the end of the semester.

How much do I owe if I withdraw (drop) my class early?
If you withdraw from the program (drop your class) before the end of the semester, you will be responsible for paying your tuition. The percentage of tuition owed depends on the date you withdraw. You can find dates and associated percentages on MIT’s Pro-ration Tables for your semester.

If I’m admitted into the Advanced Study Program, am I automatically approved to take classes in future semesters?
Continuing in the Advanced Study Program is dependent on maintaining a minimum of a B- grade to be considered for re-admittance into the program. This is different from the minimum C- grade needed to receive Tuition reimbursement.  MIT employees who wish to continue with the program must complete a ‘Returning MIT Staff Participant’ application for each successive semester.



  • First-time MIT Employee Applicants - Use this form if you have not participated in ASP before. You should use this same link to return to your Fall 2016 application again in the future.

  • Former ASP Participant Employee Applicants - Use this link only if you have participated in ASP in the past. You should use this same link to return to your Fall 2016 application again in the future.