Digital Plus Programs is the next evolution of MIT Professional Education’s Digital Programs. We’ve blended cutting-edge content with the best of online technology and traditional classroom instruction to enable better learning outcomes while promoting engagement and collaboration.

These innovative blended courses build on the success of Digital Programs. Founded in 2013 and originally branded as Online X Programs, Digital Programs delivered courses to over 30,000 participants residing in over 150 countries. Participants included scientists, engineers, technicians, managers, consultants, and others, who come from industry, government, the military, non-profit, and academia.

Our first online course, Tackling the Challenges of Big Data, featured 12 faculty experts from the world-renowned Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory in MIT’s School of Engineering. Future offerings from Digital Plus Programs are planned for all five MIT schools and will continue to be taught by MIT faculty.

Some courses offered by Digital Plus Programs can be run for large groups of employees from the same organization. These courses can be run online or as part of a Custom Program taught on campus or an organization’s site. Classes may involve video lectures, discussion boards, readings, interactive problem-solving, or case study/laboratory work.

Contact MIT Professional Education at digitalprograms@mit.edu to discuss your training and education needs today.