The Intersection of Leadership & Innovation

Do Your Leaders Nurture Innovation?

In The Intersection of Leadership & Innovation, MIT’s Dr. David Niño helps participants harness the kinetic energy of leadership, empowering them to lead with self-awareness and creativity—the essential building blocks for innovative teams, cultures and organizations.

New Session Starts  September 3, 2018.

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MIT Professional Education is working in collaboration with Cahoot Learning International to deliver this course to organizations across the world. Please email if you have any questions about whether this course is right for your organization.

Program Benefits

This course supports the development of highly self-aware leaders with the skills and knowledge required to inspire and nurture creativity and innovation that improves individual, team and organizational performance and competitive positioning. 

Participant Benefits:

  • Understand how leadership enables innovation by building strategies, structures and cultures that support creativity
  • Recognize the links between creativity—a new or useful idea—and innovation, the execution and adoption of creative ideas
  • Reframe the importance of identifying and defining problems to spur creativity and enable innovation
  • Increase self-awareness of personal leadership style and its effects on group creativity and innovation that delivers results
  • Strengthen leadership skills to create sustainable, innovative teams and cultures
  • Increase effectiveness in building and leading high-performing teams
  • Articulate visions that inspire others to unleash motivations central to successful innovation

Organization Benefits:

  • Gain expertise in creating innovative teams and cultures that enable bold transformation
  • Increase organizational capacity to make sense of—and effectively leverage—rapid change
  • Establish a cadre of highly self-aware leaders with the skills and knowledge to lead high-performing, innovative teams and departments

Who Should Attend

Participants will span a wide-range of leadership roles including new, emerging, mid-level and senior executive leaders from across nearly every vertical market. Course participants are interested in strengthening their leadership skills and learning how an innovative culture and leadership style can improve their success – and the success of their teams and organization.

What’s in the Course

Dr. David Niño, Senior Lecturer at MIT, explores questions such as: What is creativity and innovation? Where does it come from? How does it begin? And why does it matter?


About the Instructor

David Niño is a Senior Lecturer in the Bernard M. Gordon-MIT Engineering Leadership Program. He has taught leadership since 1998 at the undergraduate, masters, doctoral and executive/professionals levels. He is currently a founding officer of the Leadership Development Division of the American Society of Engineering Education and consults with professionals and executives in the areas of leadership and team development.