Advanced Study Program

Change Your World in an MIT Classroom 

The MIT Advanced Study Program (ASP) is a non-degree program that offers an opportunity for working professionals and exceptional graduate students to enroll in MIT classes as non-degree students for a semester, year, or longer.


Discover yourself in an MIT classroom

This self-directed program allows ASP Fellows to learn from the Institute’s renowned faculty and cutting-edge research. Unlike degree programs, there are no required classes. All classes are held on campus here in Cambridge.

Students come to the Advanced Study Program to pursue academic and professional goals that they have set for themselves, and may apply to classes from the full MIT course catalog.

Students may be part-time or full-time, enrolling in anywhere from one to four classes. Because students design their own course load, the Program fits both their schedule and educational aspirations.

The MIT Advanced Study Program offers an opportunity for individuals to continue their education and earn MIT class credit, but is not a degree program.

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