Alexander Klibanov

Dr. Alexander M. Klibanov, is the Novartis Endowed Chair Professor of Chemistry and Bioengineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. His current research interests include medicinal chemistry, new antimicrobial materials; enzyme chemistry and biotechnology; and pharmaceutical formulations. He has authored over 310 scientific papers and 21 issued U.S. patents (plus many pending), has given over 370 invited lectures, including many named ones, all over the world, and is on 12 journal editorial boards. Dr. Klibanov has received numerous prestigious professional awards, including the Leo Friend Award, the Ipatieff Prize, the Marvin J. Johnson Award, and the Arthur C. Cope Scholar Award, all from the American Chemical Society, as well as the International Enzyme Engineering Prize. He was elected to both the National Academy of Sciences and to the National Academy of Engineering of the United States. Dr. Klibanov has started six pharmaceutical companies and has been a scientific advisor, consultant, and/or director for numerous pharmaceutical, medical device, and biotechnology companies, as well as for law firms in pharmaceutical patent litigations.