More than 50 Short Courses Offer MIT Insights

Short Programs offers more than 50 courses in one to five day sessions, primarily in the summer. These intensive courses combine MIT’s breakthrough research with insights from industry, government, and academic participants. These courses sharpen each participant’s ability to succeed in a rapidly changing world.

Learning Opportunities

Courses are designed to allow participants to absorb working knowledge fast. Classes may involve lectures, discussions, readings, interactive problem-solving, or laboratory work. Participants learn from leading faculty and collaborate with peers. Some participants come to acquire the fundamentals of topics such as fermentation technology, radar, or tribology. Some come to learn about advances in renewable energy, cyber security, urban mobility, or manufacturing. Others delve into crisis management, data modeling & analysis, or high-speed imaging. All participants can leave Short Programs with new career tools and insights about the impact of evolving technologies.


Short Programs, founded in 1949 as the MIT Summer Institute and then called the Professional Institute through 2008, brings more than 900 participants to campus each year. Recent students have come from Amgen, Biogen Idec., the Canadian DND, Genentech, Korea Electric Power Corporation, Los Alamos National Lab, MITRE, Motorola, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, the U.S. Department of Defense, and Volkswagen of Mexico.

On-Site Option

Some courses offered by Short Programs can be run at company sites for groups of 30 or more or may be part of a Custom Program, taught on campus or an organization’s site, to meet company needs. Please complete the Custom Programs request form for further details.