Ian Miller


Masters Student, Chemical Engineering



National Origin: 


Current Location: 

Cambridge, MA



Educational Background: 

BA in Government, Georgetown University

ASP Classes: 

10.37 - Chemical Engineering Kinetics (Spring 2014)
10.301 - Chemical Engineering Fluid Mechanics (Spring 2014)
10.213 - Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics (Spring 2013)
10.10 - Introduction to Chemical Engineering (Fall 2012)

What factors brought you to the Advanced Study Program?: 

While teaching science in New York City, I became interested in energy technology and started investigating how I could make a career in that field. The answer was a graduate chemical engineering degree, which has many applications, but I had no engineering background. I looked for programs where I could get the prerequisites, and ASP seemed like exactly what I needed. I wasn’t sure I could get in, but [Chemical Engineering undergraduate officer] Barry Johnston was supportive. That first class, Introduction to Chemical Engineering, led to three more semesters in the ASP, a year of lab work, and now my master’s program.

What's different about your professional life post-ASP?: 

I’m thrilled, because I’m getting into what I hoped to get into, passion-wise and career-wise. I’m doing research on solar and wind generation and energy storage, and I hope and expect it will lead to work at a startup or an existing energy firm or consulting company. Professors whom I studied under in the ASP hired me to assist with research in their labs, which gave me essential experience and income. And Tish Miller of the ASP was a wonderful advisor and supporter; she and the whole program were very flexible and accommodating, and made all this possible.