Course Curator and Additional Instructors

Course Curator

Sher Vogel, MIT D-Lab Global Trainings Manager

Guest lectures or supplemental talks may also be provided by the following: 

  • Saida Benhayoune, MIT D-Lab Program Director and Innovation Practice Co-Lead
  • Laura Budzyna, MIT D-Lab Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning Manager 
  • Amanda Epting, MIT D-Lab Practical Impact Alliance Manager
  • Dan Frey, MIT Professor of Mechanical Engineering and MIT D-Lab Faculty Director 
  • Elizabeth Hoffecker, MIT D-Lab Research Scientist, Local Innovation and Development
  • Kendra Leith, MIT D-Lab Associate Director for Research
  • Libby McDonald, MIT D-Lab Lecturer and Inclusive Economies Specialist
  • Bhaskar Pant, MIT Professional Education Executive Director
  • Jona Repishti, MIT D-Lab Social Entrepreneurship Manager
  • Molly Rubenstein, MIT D-Lab Innovative Ecosystems Manager
  • Kofi Taha, Associate Director MIT D-Lab and Innovation Practice Co-Lead