Short Programs

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Course Topic Category Date Length Lead Instructors Feessort ascending Status
Machine Learning for Big Data and Text Processing: Foundations Computer Science, Data Modeling and Analysis, Certificate Program - Machine Learning and AI Jun 18 - Jun 19, 2018 2 Days Regina Barzilay,
Tommi Jaakkola,
Stefanie Jegelka
$2,000 Open
Leadership Skills for Engineering and Science Faculty Leadership & Communication Jun 11 - Jun 12, 2018 2 Days Charles Leiserson,
Chuck McVinney
$1,750 Open
Evaluating Real Estate Markets Real Estate, Certificate Program - Real Estate Finance and Development Jun 13, 2018 1 Day William C. Wheaton $1,500 Closing soon
職場の人間科学 Data Modeling and Analysis, Leadership & Communication Apr 6, 2018 1 Day Ben Waber $1,000 Open