MIT Professional Education Launches Digital Programs
Originally branded as Online X Programs, Digital Programs was founded in 2013 and launched its first online course Tackling the Challenges of Big Data in March of 2014. Participants include scientists, engineers, technicians, managers, consultants, and others, who come from industry, government, the military, non-profit, and academia. Participants reside and work in over 90 countries.

Learning Opportunities
Digital Programs courses are designed to allow participants to gain knowledge at their own pace with a schedule that meets the needs of their lifestyle, giving busy professionals the opportunity to advance their career without disrupting their work-life balance. Classes may involve video lectures, discussion boards, readings, interactive problem-solving, or case study/laboratory work. Participants learn from renowned MIT faculty in the convenience of their own home and collaborate with peers on online discussion boards.

Custom Programs Option
Some courses offered by Digital Programs can be run for large groups of employees from the same organization online, or may be part of a Custom Program, taught on campus or an organization’s site. Contact MIT Professional Education at digitalprograms@mit.edu to discuss your training and education needs.